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Featured on Zac Ephron’s Netflix series, “Down to Earth”, Alegria Village’s community infrastructure (pool, gardens, yoga shala, roads, fiber optic, water systems, etc.) is in place, and neighbors are building incredible, innovative homes created by world class architects and builders, all based on the best resilient, permaculture practices.

With an easily accessible, cooler climate an hour from San Jose airport and halfway to the beach town of Jaco, the time is now for partners and families to become part of this unique and diverse community based on common values of earth care, people care, fair shares and future care! You can create your own special place here, for years to come.

This premiere mountain view lot available now for resale includes an established (though optional) California LLC structure that offers additional protections and benefits for co-owners.

Let’s connect for a phone call, webinar and/or community tour. I have 20 years experience owning property in Costa Rica and regardless of your interest here, I enjoy answering any questions you may have about the country or what it takes to create successful co-ownership.

Please click the form button above to contact us, and also read further information telling how families, partners and new neighbors are creating homes to enjoy and make a difference in the world!

As an early investor, I chose the best mountain view lot for myself. But now I’m building another house in the California redwoods and can’t take on both projects.

At Alegria Village, new infrastructure is complete; neighbors are moving into homes in this easily accessible, international community development, created from the highest regenerative design and architectural principles.

The neighborhood includes 147 lots – families, partners, and individuals from 37 countries have bought in for many reasons: to raise children and include elders, with healthy food, water, and outdoor activities; to learn and gather together; and to invest with their values in a place that’s both innovative and grounded.

Many live in Costa Rica year-round, while others stay part time. Some travel as digital nomads, keeping this robust international and inter-generational community as home base.

Alegria Village Costa Rica land

Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale – About the Opportunity

Lot 30 is one of the largest available, at 3101 square meters (0.77 acre) and optimally located at the top of the El Corazon neighborhood. The land is mostly flat with gentle slopes offering impressive views and privacy. Applicable design guidelines allow this lot the maximum building footprint – over 9600 square feet.

Many innovative architects and builders are already active in the community, offering high quality, expertise, and resources for regenerative living. New owners may design one expansive house or multiple cabinas for hosting friends and family members.

Mountain View Lot for sale

This lot has an added benefit: a flexible ownership structure, already set up and particularly suited for families and partners. Here, an established California LLC corporation owns a Costa Rica SRL corporation, which holds Lot 30’s land title.

This offers protections of US law, with minimal tax and reporting requirements. Buyers of course may choose whatever structure works best for them, such as holding title directly. Buyers are free to use their own advisors, or the recommended tax and legal professionals who have been keeping everything in order for me, fully vetted and reliable.

Click here for additional background details about buying in Costa Rica. Newly developed Alegria Village lots are fully titled and registered with the government, keeping ownership clear, safe and secure.

Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale – About the Community

In 2018, having completed the nearby 40-lot La Ecovilla development, permaculture expert Stephen Brooks, his father Norman and investors purchased this former cattle ranch and began building what is now Alegria Village.

Today, infrastructure including roads, water, fiber optic internet, community gardens, yoga shala, community hub and swimming pool are complete, with professional managers and staff overseen by a homeowners’ association. Residents have formed active circles, advising and organizing many areas of governance, parenting, resilience, architecture and building, and recreation. Whatever your interest, you will find collaborative neighbors.


Important foundational values include:

  • Earth Care – We are earth stewards
  • People Care – We take care of each other
  • Fair Share – We are each a part of the whole
  • Future Care – We are Peaceful Warriors in service to the Planet

These values allow us both to “do good” in relations with the local area and among each other and “do well” based on solid legal and financial foundations.

The community has received broad recognition – for example, Zac Ephron’s Netflix series, “Down to Earth” featured Alegria Village and a visit to the local Casa Sula school. Zac, wellness expert Darin Olien and Stephen Brooks also traveled to Punta Mona, Stephen’s Caribbean coast permaculture education center.

Zac Ephron, Darin Olien, Stephen Brooks, Kara Alter

Using community design guidelines reflecting the highest permaculture and regenerative standards, top international architects and craftsmen have completed and are designing and building unique and diverse homes. When you contact me, we can get in touch for more information about the guidelines and home designs.

The Alegria Village website also tells more about the community.

Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale – About the Country

Sunset Costa Rica

There are easy flights to Costa Rica from the US and elsewhere. From California, it’s about five hours, the same as a trip to Hawaii. Alegria Village is conveniently, centrally located near the towns of San Mateo de Alajula and Orotina, just a quick hour’s drive from the San Jose International Airport. After that, it’s only another hour from there to the beach town of Jaco, and less than that to other beaches to the west.


As a visitor, I’ve explored all over the country. A few of my favorite places include:

  • The Envision Festival held near Dominical and Uvita, was also started by Alegria Village co-founder Stephen Brooks. We were there in the early days, and now it has grown to a must-attend stop on the international music circuit.
  • The surfing town of Montezuma, a quick ferry ride (or for the most fun, speedboat ride from Jaco). My favorite place to stay there is the Anamaya yoga retreat center.  There’s miles of beachfront for hiking, plus the Cabo Blanco nature preserve.
  • I also enjoy the Lake Arenal area, and particularly recommend staying at a hot springs resort and continuing toward the Monteverde cloud forests. You’d think a zip line was a one-time thrill, but I keep coming back to do it again!
  • My two best scuba diving spots have been Playa del Coco, and also Cano Island with Costa Rica Dive and Surf in Dominical. I have yet to do the ultimate Costa Rica dive trip to Cocos Island, but then again it’s halfway to Ecuador…

For even more tips, please sign up to get in touch and I’ll be glad to answer all your questions!