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Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale

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I created this website to help find the right buyer or buyers for the mountain view lot I’m selling in Alegria Village.

I have a finance background, and have had a small investment in creating this community. Originally, I chose this lot for myself. However, I’ve found another property in the California redwoods where I’m designing and building another house. I can’t take on both projects, so I’m offering this land for sale.  It is in my opinion the best location now available in the development, so it should sell quickly.

Let me start by telling its story…

Land in the Alegria Village subdivision includes 147 lots, and just a few are still available. Already, people from 37 countries have bought in for diverse reasons – to raise families with healthy food, water and outdoor activities; to learn and gather together with partners and friends; to make a sound values-based investment choice in a place that’s both innovative and grounded. It’s about intentional, long-term thinking – many will live in Costa Rica year round, while others may divide their time elsewhere, or travel as digital nomads. Owners and residents are part of a robust international and inter-generational community.

Alegria Village Costa Rica land

Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale – About the Country

Sunset Costa RicaThere’s something about this place – I’ve made fifteen trips throughout the country since I first came down in 2003.  With partners, I invested in a Pacific coast beachfront concession property. Though it was a beautiful spot, strict preservation laws kept us from building on it. Finally, my partners bought me out in 2020. Alegria Village lots come with freshly vetted land titles, and sensible, innovative design and environmental guidelines.

There are easy flights to Costa Rica from the US – from California, it’s about five hours, the same as a trip to Hawaii. Alegria Village is conveniently, centrally located near the towns of San Mateo de Alajula and Orotina, just a quick hour’s drive from the San Jose International Airport. After that, it’s only another hour from there to the beach town of Jaco, and less than that to other beaches to the west.


As a visitor, I’ve explored all over the country. A few of my favorite places include:

  • The surfing town of Montezuma, a quick ferry ride (or for the most fun, speedboat ride from Jaco). My favorite place to stay there is the Anamaya yoga retreat center.  There’s miles of beachfront for hiking, plus the Cabo Blanco nature preserve.
  • I also enjoy the Lake Arenal area, and particularly recommend staying at a hot springs resort and continuing toward the Monteverde cloud forests. You’d think a zip line was a one-time thrill, but I keep coming back to do it again!
  • My two best scuba diving spots have been Playa del Coco, and also Cano Island with Costa Rica Dive and Surf in Dominical. I have yet to do the ultimate Costa Rica dive trip to Cocos Island, but then again it’s halfway to Ecuador…
  • The Envision Festival held near Dominical and Uvita, was also started by Alegria Village co-founder Stephen Brooks. We were there in the early days, and now it has grown to a must-attend stop on the international music circuit.

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Alegria Village Costa Rica land cattle pen

Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale – About the Community

In 2018, after successfully completing the 40-lot La Ecovilla development, Stephen Brooks, his father Norman and an investor group bought the former cattle ranch next door and began building what is now Alegria Village.

Today, infrastructure including roads, water, fiber optic internet, community gardens (residents receive a free weekly box of vegetables!), yoga shala, community hub and swimming pool are complete. The home owner’s association, assisted by a professional operations management company, has now taken over managing these assets.

Owners participate in governance remotely and in person, through advisory groups and at annual HOA meetings. At the same time,top architects and craftsmen are designing and building unique and diverse homes based on the highest permaculture and regenerative standards – these are part of the community design review process.House

Important foundational values include:

  • Earth Care – We are earth stewards
  • People Care – We take care of each other
  • Fair Share – We are each a part of the whole
  • Future Care – We are Peaceful Warriors in service to the Planet

Most importantly, as a community including Costa Ricans and other nationalities, with both full time and part time owner-residents, these values allow us to both “do good” in relations with the local area and among each other and “do well” based on sound legal and financial foundations. These  values contribute to overall success as houses are built and people move in.

In the meantime, the community has received broad recognition – for example, Zac Ephron’s Netflix series, “Down to Earth” featured Alegria Village and a visit to the local Casa Sula school. For the episode, Zac, wellness expert Darin Olien and Stephen Brooks also traveled to Punta Mona, Stephen’s permaculture education center on the Caribbean coast.

Zac Ephron, Darin Olien, Stephen Brooks, Kara Alter

Contact us to learn more about the Alegria Village design guidelines, of keen interest to anyone considering regenerative design. You can also visit the Alegria Village community website for more information about the project.

Alegria Village Costa Rica Land for Sale – About the Opportunity

This 3101 square meter (0.77 acre) lot is one of the largest available, in the the best location at the top of Alegria Village’s El Corazon neighborhood. Lot 30 is mostly flat, offers impressive views and privacy, and provides for the maximum building footprint (over 9600 square feet) allowed within design guidelines.

Buying now, new owners have a blank canvas to meet their exact building and design requirements. Many innovative architects and builders are already active in the community. For example, design options could include one large house or multiple cabinas for hosting friends and family members.

Mountain View Lot for sale

Alegria Village Master Plan

When I bought this lot, I wanted a flexible ownership structure. Therefore, title to the property is held by a Costa Rican SRL corporation, which in turn is owned by a California LLC. This structure has a solid basis in both US and Costa Rican law, and offers advantages particularly for US and California residents. Ownership can be transferred and sold quickly and simply as an exchange of shares.

Costa Rican legal and tax professionals keep this well organized and up to date and I will provide financial data and budgets to anyone interested. HOA dues and taxes (as well as building costs) may be less than what you are paying in the US. However, there’s no requirement to use what I’ve set up. Non-US citizens or people planning to move permanently to Costa Rica may choose different options including simply holding title directly.

Again, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned from my years in Costa Rica – please reach out and contact us to learn more.

– Andy Fusso
Sonoma County, California

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